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We Make Animated Videos for Businesses

We work with companies of all sizes, from global large to SMEs and exciting new startups.

What challenge is your business facing?

We can help you solve it with animated video. Great animation is not just about special effects, it requires the knowing of business as well. We are familiar with different industries, know how they work and their business models. This is why we can easily develop unique content which target your audience and business goals.

Premium 2D Animation include

Project Manager
Fully customized characters
Professional script
Sample board and character
Professional voiceover
Background music
Fully customized environments
3 corrections
Picture package

Payment Terms

The payment method is a 50% upfront payment and a final 50% payment after the animated video is completed and approved by the client. Milestone payment schedule can be established as well, especially in case of large projects.

Payments are usually done by regular banking transfers.

During storyboard phase, we send you the actual drawings for your review/approval in case you want to make any necessary changes. Then, once the visual storyboard is approved by the client we release the artist from the project and we pass the project to our video editor/animator. If we have to bring the artist back to the project it is subject to an extra fee. That is the reason why we first send you the storyboard for your review and approval before we move to the next stage.

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