16 Reasons Why 2D & 3D Animated Videos are so Powerful

December 31, 2022
Pavle Ivanovic

2D & 3D animated videos are recognized as a piece of art in the digital world. While there are a million different ways to create videos, animated video stands out as a shining star among all of them!

The possibilities are almost endless!

First impressions are important, especially in today’s day and age when everything is happening so fast and the average person’s attention span is growing shorter and shorter. To make a good first and lasting impression, your best tool is a 2D or 3D animated video. They are proven to be the best means of introduction because they quickly capture the attention of your audience, while delivering your message in a fun, engaging and informative way. They are short, entertaining and concise with information, so your audience won’t get bored and move on to the next thing. According to recent research, on average, you have only 53 seconds to capture the interest of people who visit your website. 2D & 3D animated videos achieve this in only 7 seconds, because their dynamic and attention-grabbing approach entices the viewer to watch it through to the end. This is why animated video is the perfect ‘elevator pitch’ for your business.

2D & 3D animated videos are a very effective way to boost any business. Here are a few reasons why your business needs 2D & 3D animated videos:

Very Impressive

When it comes to 2D or 3D animated video, viewers retain 60% more information than they do just by looking at images among black and white text. 2D & 3D animated videos get a higher click-through rate compared to other marketing videos. 2D & 3D animated video can be an indispensable addition to your business by enabling large amounts of information to be viewed and retained in a short amount of time. Hand-drawn art appears both professional and convincing. These videos are engaging and fun at the same time. They keep the user fascinated and focused. In simpler words: if you want to make your business memorable and to stand out, show your audience 2D & 3D animated videos.
People are also more likely to watch 2D & 3D animated videos with cartoon elements, rather than one of a talking head or Power point slides. Once you place 2D or 3D animated video on your website, your audience engagement will increase overnight.

Strongly Grab Attention

Recent studies show online viewers have an attention span of 9 seconds! And that’s only if they come across something they find interesting enough to pause and actually take a closer look. Social networks users hate scrolling down page lengths and getting lost in text; they want information served quickly and in an interesting way.

Think about how you scroll through your Facebook feed or Instagram, scanning what your hundreds of friends find important at that particular moment. Think about what goes through your head when you see something interesting. Now, think about how you would react to see a 2D or 3D animated video. What are the chances you’d pause and click to watch? Your attention span went from 9 seconds to about 90 because you got involved in a story. Simple and perfect, isn’t it?

High Sharing Potential

Most marketers dream about creating something that goes viral and gets shared thousands of times throughout the web. 2D & 3D animated videos are super easy to share and often go viral. No one wants to send off an entire website, which is just a boring URL that leads to a simple front page, but 2D or 3D animated video is exciting, it has eye-catching content and is always fun.

If your business has social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest), you can embed 2D or 3D animated videos in a post. If your followers find it interesting or entertaining, they will then share it with their own followers, leading more people back to your website or social media page. Posts with videos generate 12 times more shares than links & text posts combined (source: Adweek).

Easy to distribute

2D and 3D animated video distribution is incredibly simple. You can upload your video to multiple platforms an infinite amount of times. You can send it in emails, attach it to your newsletter, or simply share the YouTube link. Your video can reach the entire world and work its magic every hour of every day, the world becomes your audience.

Powerful Sales Tool

2D & 3D animated videos are very powerful marketing tools. First, prospects can view them day or night at their own convenience. When the product is posted to your website or social channel, it has the potential to literally attract customers 24/7. This beats any traditional form of marketing by a long shot.

Limitless possibilities

Your animated characters can do anything and go anywhere, they can fly, they can transform into anything or do whatever you want them to do. That gives you the liberty to create any kind of a story you want or need. This makes 2D and 3D animated videos endlessly imaginative and versatile.

Can Make Your Business Stand Out

If your company is the best, makes the best products or provides the best services, let the people know. Stand out from your competition! When you use 2D or 3D animated video for your business you can express your company’s unique character. While your competitors provide boring pages of text, you provide entertainment. And the best part of 2D or 3D animated video is that everybody can easily understand it and enjoy it; no matter what background they’re coming from.

Emotional Connection

Your audiences are people with feelings and emotions. They respond to something they can relate to and connect with. Customize your 2D or 3D animated video to target your specific audience. Whether it’s businessmen, teachers, doctors or children, address them with an interesting scenario and show how your product or service can help them.

Easy to Remember

When watching an 2D or 3D animated video, we do not have to be aware that we are learning something. The information gets delivered in a fun and exciting package that triggers the curiosity factor in your prospects who will keep watching the video until the end.

Interesting drawings, exciting stories, relatable characters and a relevant subject, this is the recipe for good entertainment, and it’s known that, when people are having fun, they will absorb anything faster and deeper. This is why 2D and 3D animated videos are such a powerful learning tool.

Convenient for busy people (especially executives)

Today, it is all about instant information. The business you choose is the one who can provide you with the most relevant information in the quickest possible way. Sure, the product may be excellent and has the potential to help a lot of people, but the endless pages of descriptions, features and testimonials just aren’t going to hold people’s attention. Get your message across with a creative minute-long 2D or 3D animated video. Especially if you are marketing to executives who don’t have a lot of time, you can’t go wrong with 2D or 3D animated video. By doing that, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to grab their attention and expose them to your offer. What used to be a 30-minute sales conversation, or a 10-page marketing white paper can now become a 2 or 3 minute 2D or 3D animated video, with even more effective results.

Helps you attract mobile users

Mobile users consistently beat desktop users when it comes to video engagement. iPhone users watch 2.4 minutes of video, on average, while Androids users are even more engaged, dedicating 3 minutes of their time to watch through a video.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

2D and 3D animated videos can give you a significant boost in SEO for the keywords that your business targets. With YouTube officially listed as the second largest search engine in the world, it’s clear how this can happen. Many videos appear at the top of search results for targeted keywords. Keep in mind that having a YouTube channel for your company is important. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google, which owns YouTube. People are searching for your product or service not just on Google, but on the YouTube search as well. If they don’t find your video, they’ll certainly find your competitor’s.

Improve Conversion Rates

Studies have shown that video presentations convert at a much higher rate than other forms of marketing. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that 2D and 3D animated videos are easy to digest (quick and to the point), entertaining and concise. Keeping your target customer in mind, you can create videos that are customized to their needs and desires. Your conversion rates can skyrocket with effective animated explainer videos.

Reduce bounce rate from your website

Having a 2D or 3D animated video featured on your landing page is one of the best ways to reduce your website bounce rate. A video increases the time your visitors spend on your website by more than double. You should add 2D or 3D animated videos to your most-visited landing page and feature one on the homepage as well. With a series of engaging animated videos you can expect a significant boost in time spent on the page.

Boost your email engagement

Email is still an important marketing channel. You can use your 2D or 3D animated videos to get a big increase in open rates and click through rates with any email you send. Using the word “video” in email subject line increases click through rates by 65%.

Gives you access to global customers

Reaching a global audience has never been easier with the growth of video marketing. Just on YouTube alone – which is the world’s second-biggest search engine – as much as 80% of video views come from outside of the US. On top of that, it is very easy to adapt your videos to suit an international audience by simply creating subtitles in their native language or creating an alternative narration.

Will the Current Trend Continue?

2D and 3D animated videos are everywhere on the Internet, as business owners keep discovering their endless potential, animated videos are becoming a standard for modern day communication. Now, the question to ask is if this trend of attracting and converting prospects easily with animated video will continue. Almost all researches clearly show that business owners and marketers around the world plan to implement more video into their sales campaigns in the coming years. Nielsen’s Total Audience Report stated that people are spending more time with media and less time watching live television. This results in huge shifts in how companies reach their audience with advertisements. 100 million Internet users watch videos online each day. People are streaming videos everywhere from parks and workplaces to public locations and private homes. Traditional television commercials and print advertisements cannot raise your bottom line alone.

OK, you realized that you need 2D or 3D animated video for your Business. Now what?

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