What exactly makes our animations premium?

December 29, 2022
Sasa Djunisijevic

With Johnny's Studio you get a team of not only seasoned experts, but dedicated and passionate individuals who are always ready to take it to the next level and deliver something unique, compelling, and brilliant. But most important for you – completely tailor-made and fully customized animation.

And how do we do it? Easy, by utilizing our comprehensive knowledge, extensive experience, and personal insight into every business and industry out there, all in order to create the perfect video for you and your target audience. We work together with you on writing a unique scenario that captures your idea, message, and vision in the best possible way, and only when you’re satisfied with the storyline we move on to the stages of illustration and finally – animation.

Premium means the best and nothing but the best. This is why our top illustrators and animators go above and beyond to make your story exactly how you want it to be. In a premium animation you get:

  • Tailor-made Scenario: Our professional scriptwriter does extensive research and works together with you to create the perfect storyline for your video. You say what you want to see in every scene and how you want it, and we package it in a script that will make your idea pop and hit all the points.
  • Fully customizable characters: We can draw the protagonists based on your image or anyone else you wish. You can select their appearance, clothing style, accessories, and any details you envision. See the characters from your mind come to life.
  • Custom-made environments: Whether it’s your office space, home decor, work station, or any kind of indoor/outdoor setting, wherever the location may be, we can put it in the video. You get completely unique and tailor-made backgrounds, settings, and environments, made from scratch, for every scene of your video.
  • Variety of Details, Textures, and Transitions: You want to see your company’s logo on a character’s coffee mug? You want to highlight your business data in an informative and engaging way? You can have it, and much more! We make sure that your video is filled with lots of details, captivating transitions, and loads of other visual treats to engage the viewer and make your message as interesting as possible.

Here’s how it all looks like in a few examples from our studio

This software development and system integration company wanted to depict the modern, digital, and futuristic outlook. As a visual reference, they sent us some scenes from the movie The Minority Report on which we based our animation.

Your characters are important, and we can create them any way you want! Here, the client asked for a modern, sleek and fashionable female character, with an outfit based on Meghan Markle’s dress. We implemented all the details as they requested, and adapted the colors according to the client’s instructions.

This retail store client simply sent us a quick photo of their display window and we recreated it in the video.

The picture of young Prince George was sent to us by the client as a visual reference for one of the children characters in the video. We replicated the clothing style and the general features they wanted to see.

The recognizable hospital exterior was one of the key visual points in this video, and we made sure all the necessary details are there.

You have an interesting office interior you’d like to show in your video? Or you found something cool online? No problem, just send us an image and we’ll recreate it in your animation.

The distinctive entrance to this branch of Societe Generale bank let the viewers know which particular location it was referring to. It’s all in the details, and we make sure every single one is on point.

To create premium animated content, a lot of work, passion, and effort go into every single project. Here is a little peek at behind the scenes of the animation process.

In this video, we can see a plethora of details. There is smoke coming from the coffee mug, the character’s face shows concern and frustration. Once he jumps up, the camera zooms in and puts the focus on his movements and reactions. As he slams his fists against the table, the computer screen and keyboard jump up, the coffee mug falls down, the coffee gets spilled. Different hats appear that represent different areas of business, as the character tries them on – his mood changes as shown by the shape of his mouth, position of the eyebrows, and overall facial expressions.

Here, we see the focus was placed on the natural movements of a female body. Even though the action of taking the hat off is fairly simple, the character’s entire body is active. We see the mimics of the face, head motions, hip movements, and knees bending. Also, with a subtle zoom of the camera, the viewer’s eye is focused on the character. The movement of the symbols coming out of the hat are further enhancing the magic trick. Everything is fluent and harmonious. Even the background transition is discreetly announcing the new action to the viewer.

Animal movement is much more demanding to recreate in animation than human movement. In this video of a unicorn prancing and rearing upward we see a perfect example of a technically challenging and surgically precise animation. The unicorn’s movements are graceful and aim to display the strength and uniqueness of the creature. It prances into the frame, stops, begins to grow, and the leg and hoof movements remain decisive, persistent, and strong throughout. The background shadow of the unicorn in rainbow colors further amplifies its growing and transformation. The elements in the background subtly and gracefully highlight the change. With an elegant walk full of confidence, the unicorn exits the scene.

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